Simple Tips In Making Your Website Search Engine Optimized

Owning a website can be downright frustrating, especially when you are not making any profits from it.  For this reason, it only makes sense that when you are opening a website, that you make it as search optimized as possible so you get the initial advantage of having your website SEO ready.  Here are some SEO tips that can help get you ready when opening up your very first website.

  1. Niche Research – successful blog owners do not open a website just to talk about themselves, they open up a specific niche which they are comfortable writing about. For example, you like technology, do not just open a technology-related website as technology is actually very wide which also means the keywords you will be targeting are aplenty.  If you are into cellphones, then open a website about cellphones as the keywords you will be targeting will be more concentrated on your niche website.
  2. URL Research – if you are targeting a particular keyword on your cellphone niche, then your URL must also contain part of the keyword you are targeting. This gives your website an extra advantage for that particular keyword as your website will be deemed more relevant for that search phrase.
  3. Keyword Research – before even opening up your website and signing up for hosting and domain, you need to make some keyword research already. You need to find out what search phrases about cellphones are highly competitive and those that are not.  Assess the keywords you have better chances of competing in and see if it fits properly with the URL you will be registering.
  4. Unique Content – once you have opened your website, it is important that you place lots of unique high quality content on your website before even attempting to place ads or product placements. Once you’ve already place around ten posts or articles, then that is the only time you should be placing any ads and product placements inside your website.
  5. Press Release – do a press release that informs about the creation of your website, what it is about, and the vision you may have in the creation of your website.
  6. SEO – hire SEO Companies to help make your website better search engine optimized. Once you’ve increased your SEO rankings, your website will begin to enjoy decent amounts of traffic that helps in the potential sales of your products and ad clicks.
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