DIY SEO Techniques That Can Help Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website become visible to search engines so that they show in search engine results page when a relevant search phrase is made.  When you website is believed to have better relevance, the higher your website’s ranking gets.  The better the ranking, the better it gets in search engine results page.  For this reason, it is only logical to attempt to get better ranking for your website so that you can have increased visitors that may also potentially increase your website earnings.

Here are some DIY SEO techniques you may want to try yourself:

  1. 6-Changes-Your-2015-SEO-Strategy-Must-Focus-On1Write Unique Content – it is important that your website has unique content that guests to your website would want to read or even share in their social media. Having unique content in your website is very important because it shows that your website is literally not a joke and that it is very serious in what it does.
  2. Add Content Regularly – experts claim that the most minimal amount of content you should you can publish is once per week. If you can do more per week the better it will be for your website.  If you are not sure about this, just think of some of your favorite websites.  It is likely that they have more than one posts per week.
  3. Article Submission – there are plenty of article submission sites where you can get the all-important backlinks going back to your site. One of the best examples is Hubpages and Squidoo.  You can submit related articles to these websites and be able to get good backlinks from a website that has high page rank.
  4. Guest Posting – another way to get quality backlinks to your site is by doing a guest post with an acquaintance website. Simply ask for permission to do a guest post and ask if they have any particular topic that they may want you to cover.  You may or may not be given opportunity to guest post with all  your request, but some website owners may likely allow such as it add more content for their website.
  5. Blog Commenting – one fast way of getting backlinks to your site is by doing blog commenting on websites that have CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled in their websites. Commenting on websites with these two commenting system gives you the chance to place backlinks for your website.

Make Your Website More Search Optimized

These days, the visibility of a website when it comes to search results from search engines is not about how big the physical company behind the website is but more of how good the search engine optimization (SEO) being implemented by that particular website.  This is because today, whether it’s a big website or a small website, both have fair chances of getting to first page of search results if they implement their SEO properly.  Of course, a big budgeted website will have a decent advantage since they can spend more on SEO services.

There are many successful website owners online.  Their success stories is nothing but amazing as many have literally quit their day jobs and their professions so they can focus more on their online entrepreneurship.  However, as with every business, there are successful ones and the not so successful ones.  If you are new into online business, you should not quit your day job just yet unless your online income is regular and has overtaken the amount you earn from your day job.

blog.seo4_In online business, one thing that separates the successful from those who are not successful is SEO.  Through the use of proper SEO, you website becomes more search optimized for the particular keyword you are targeting.  When this happens, your website becomes ranked and is thus show on search page results.  The more relevant your website is – as deemed by search engines – the better your ranking will be.  If you do not know what search keyword to target for your website, you can always use analytic tools to determine which keywords are ideal for you to target.

Web SEO Analytics is an SEO tool that provides 10-day free trial use.  This innovative online marketing platform provides you the capability to analyze, strategize, and monetize from your website.  Its in-depth SEO analysis is very reliable and provides accurate results.  This SEO analytics tool is actually one of the many tool used by successful website owners and is essentially your advantage should you decide to use it.  Basically, once you start using SEO analytic tools, you are on your first step in separating yourself from those who are unsuccessful with their website ownership.  Add this to the hiring of SEO Services and you are well on your way to earning more than your day job.

The Importance Of SEO

These days, nearly every business needs to have an online presence for their business to become more successful.  However, in the cut throat competition of businesses in both physical and online aspects of it, there is hardly any sector that you can dominate without any form of leverage.

searchIn online business, it does not matter whether you are a big player or not.  What is important for any online business, however, is to make sure that they get top search results from search engines and this is only possible through Search Engine Optimization.  Even if your business is successful on your physical shop, it wouldn’t mean much online if your online shop is not search engine optimized.  Keep in mind that your physical business is only successful to as far as it can reach.  With online businesses however, you can actually cater internationally if need be.  However, it is crucial that you online shop is search engine optimized so you can garner more sales.

The importance of SEO when you have an online presence or shop is to allow significant amount of traffic going to your website – traffic that comes from search engines.  While it is true that you can also get traffic from links shared in social media and advertising, getting traffic from search engines is still the best because these are the people that are currently looking for products, items, or information that you have in your website.  The potential of making sales from this people is much better than other forms of traffic that your website may get.

Keep in mind that any successful online shop, business, or website depends on SEO.  Without SEO, your website may not even appear on the first ten pages of search results.  However, through effective use of search engine optimization, you may actually reach the first few pages of search results.  Of course, the goal is always to reach first page.  However, if you are competing for a highly competitive search phrase, just reaching the first five pages is good enough for your website.

SEO is not something that you can do alone or hire a person to do it for you.  SEO is done by a group of people who know what they are doing and know the current tricks of the trade.  If you want to be successful in you online business, then you must be prepared to spend a little bit of money hiring SEO Companies to help make your website more competitive.